Proposed Minutes, Marshall Township Board Meeting, July 17, 2017.  Call to Order at 7:00 p.m..  Present:  Bosserd, Quinn, Albaugh, Lyng.  Excused:  George.  Pledge by Zoning Administrator Paul Anderson.  Audience comments: none.  Approval of agenda by Quinn, 2nd by Lyng.  Motion carried. Building, Fire Chief’s (given by Fire Board Chair Kiessling), Treasurer’s, and Ordinance Enforcement reports received and accepted.  Motion to approve:  1) Minutes of June 19, 2017 regular meeting, 2) Outstanding bills of $85,697.81 and regular payroll, 3) effective 8-1-17:  Zoning Administrator’s recommended adjustments to inspection and permit fee amounts, designation of Zoning Administrator as supervisor of inspectors’ payroll process, and inspectors’ salaries to be 80% of the Board approved fee as applicable, 4) Corrective Action Plan recommended by Township Assessor in response to the state Audit of Minimum Assessing Requirements, 5) purchase of storage units from Kitchen Shop for Township Offices in the amount of $%1,350.00, 6) Resolution 2017-15 concerning approvals requested by City of Marshall pursuant to the Master 425 Agreement

By Quinn, 2nd by Lyng.  Roll Call:  Yes- Bosserd, Albaugh, Quinn, Lyng.  No – None  Excused:  George.  Motion carried. Audience comments:  none  Board Member Comments:  Treasurer Albaugh indicated that the Road Department has received grant approval for repaving of West Drive to Old US 27 North with any local match being paid by the Road Dept as these are primary roads.  Motion to adjourn at 7:30 p.m. by Albaugh, 2nd by Lyng.  Motion carried.  Recorded by Jeff Albaugh, Treasurer.